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Chuck D Chat Sessions

Chuck D chat on Yahoo! Internet Life in 1999

Yahoo! Internet Life: Ladies and gentlemen, will you join me please in welcoming Chuck D!
Yahoo! Internet Life: He's here with us on a very special pre-show chat!

Chuck D is on the stage.

*Kira SnyderZDTV: Click on the Video button to see Chuck D on webcam!
*Kira SnyderZDTV: Welcome, Chuck :)

Yahoo! Internet Life: Tell us a bit about how you came to Atomic Pop
Chuck D: I worked with Al Teller significantly in the past
Chuck D: like with Def Jam and MCA
Chuck D: and after I broke my contract with Def Jam he was one of the first conversations. It became one of the last conversations once we discussed digital distribution

Matthew_Burgess says: "Yeah!! Chuck D!!!"

Yahoo! Internet Life: Talk about Mp3 and how that is or isn't returning power to the artists.
Chuck D: Well MP3 is just the most buzz-word catchable format of downloadable music
Chuck D: the whole beauty in it is before artists had to rely on either major companies or independents
Chuck D: to get the art from the artist to the public
Chuck D: and now this is the third process
Chuck D: and the public had gotten to it before the industry
Chuck D: and that's the big deal

Yahoo! Internet Life: On Muse-Sick-In-Hour-Mess-Age in 1994, didn't you predict the effect the Net was going to have on music?
Chuck D: Harry Allen and I had conversations based on a 1993 Musician article

Vanessa_Vicena says: "who are your favorite artists of all times?!"
Chuck D: in no particular order...
Chuck D: james brown
Chuck D: isaac hayes
Chuck D: tina turner
Chuck D: I got so many
Chuck D: the artist is getting down with maceo parker tonight, so lets start there

Craig_W._Needham says: "Chuck how is your relationship with Flav? And when will we see you two in action"
Chuck D: you'll see us in action tonight

*Vince_NavarinoHostZDTV says: "Do you release songs as downloadable music? And have the record labels tried to stop you from doing so?"
Chuck D: Def Jam wasn't smart enough to stop us, it was Polygram lawyers... it was a big legal issue

Matthew_Burgess says: "How will MP3 and similar formats affect a shift of power in the muzic biz?"
Chuck D: it will force the majors and the independents to share the marketplace
Chuck D: I forsee 5000 labels and a million artist in a few years
Chuck D: no longer will people have to depend on the old process to be the only process

Yahoo! Internet Life: Why do think hip-hop has been at the forefront of dealing with the Net?
Chuck D: Because it's always run parallel with technology, it's the thing that got me interested, turntables, microphones
Chuck D: speakers, all the way to samplers and drum machines,
Chuck D: it's always run parallel with technology, but it's probably the least serviced music out there
Chuck D: if you have to get a video on television you're last considered
Chuck D: or radio
Chuck D: so you have to have your own format

Yahoo! Internet Life: Is the Net starting grassroots hiphop all over again?
Chuck D: even more so, it's consolidating hiphop movers around the world

Yahoo! Internet Life: Is the Net helping hiphop worldwide?
Chuck D: it's the modern day jazz with a vocal supercharger to it

charles_fobert says: "will you release old P E songs on the net?"
Chuck D: I have about 17 pubilc enemy albums on hold
Chuck D: come to to find out more<

Yahoo! Internet Life: Whatever happened to a song that was rumored to be in the works about the anti-boombox law?
Chuck D: no it was done, it was called "Get The F*** Out Of Dodge"

Jordan_Martin says: Who is True Mathematics?
Chuck D: he was a brother who was around us who rhymed, and he's still around from time to time, he also had an alter ego called Sgt. Hawks

Garrett_FZDTV says: "Who got you hooked up with a web page"
Chuck D: Our production team thought it was necessary, G-Wiz and myself

Craig_W._Needham says: "Is P E going to do more work with Spike Lee?"
Chuck D: whenever we do, we don't know when, but those doors are always open

Yahoo! Internet Life: Tell us about your new band, Confrontation Camp...
Chuck D: rapping, singing poetry, aggressive vocals
Chuck D: over funk-metal
Chuck D: it's between Rage Against the Machine and The Roots

Yahoo! Internet Life: Who else is in it?
Chuck D: Kyle Jason and Griff are the focus of that group

Garrett_FZDTV says: "Do you still keep in touch with those guys from Anthrax?"
Chuck D: yeah, from time to time, whenever we hook up
Chuck D: with everyone ideally, we always pick up where we left off from our conversations

charles_fobert says: "is P E planning on working with The Artist?"
Chuck D: yeah, all he has to do is call

Garrett_FZDTV says: "Do you ever think you'll be like BB King and rap at 70?"
Chuck D: yeah, but I hope not to look 70

*Vince_NavarinoHostZDTV says: "Are you going to be in any movies in the future?"
Chuck D: only if they give me the scoring job Chuck D: I'll throw it in

John_Leight says: "United States Marine Corps Rules!!!!!!!!"
Chuck D: obviously, right? of course they rule, we're trying to cut some of that rule back

Yahoo! Internet Life: PE has been a pioneering act in rap videos. Tell us about the videos for the new record...
Chuck D: I think we were a pioneering act in the videos, but they all average around $300,000
Chuck D: so as far as videos go, we've created less of them in the last 4-5 years

Yahoo! Internet Life: Do you have a favorite PE song?
Chuck D: Terrordome
Chuck D: Terrordome is like a midpoint for me
Chuck D: Don't' ask me my favorite album, because albums are like children

tracy_tabron says: "Chuck, what is your social commentary for America 2 triple 0?"
Chuck D: pick up a lot of water
Chuck D: Sam's Club
Chuck D: don't be anywhere international or in the air
Chuck D: for the first three weeks of january
Chuck D: if you can afford it, pick up a generator

Brad_Evetts says: "What do you feel about the mix between rock and rap that's become popular lately?"
Chuck D: well rap is rapping over music, and the music has already been defined
Chuck D: and hiphop is the embodiment of all other genres, blended in a way that the culture can easily fit it

Yahoo! Internet Life: Do you think there are artists slow to come to this medium?
Chuck D: most artists are slow because they are puppets, marionetted by an industry that really doesn't give a f*** about them

Yahoo! Internet Life: Do you think that revolutionary thinking has receded in the good economy?
Chuck D: well the economy is good for some, but if you don't understand the environment around you, you can't make the economy work for you specifically
Chuck D: so as far as my neighborhood is concerned, it's debatable

Garrett_FZDTV says: "If everybody get to cut an MP3 album, how are you going to find the best stuff..."
Chuck D: We have more than a million athletes out there, and we end up finding the best athletes
Chuck D: A&R structures will have to be better organized, people will have to cut down on their weed time to do better research
Chuck D: they'll have to cut down on getting blasted all the time
Chuck D: we can't have the A&R people getting blasted like the artists
Chuck D: if the presidents are blasted, then it's all going to be a mess

Yahoo! Internet Life: Will PE stay with Atomic Pop for future records? Are you exploring other methods of distribution?
Chuck D: I think Atomic Pop and Al Teller is a wonderful place to be for public enemy
Chuck D: we have the Bring The Noise radio networks through atomic pop
Chuck D: and other methods of distribution will be in different, maybe offline capabilities
Chuck D: but other than Public Enemy and Atomic Pop, Chuck D and Al
Chuck D: Teller set out to do something that was a blend between music and technology, and I think it's a good one

Brad_Evetts says: "Do you have any opinions on Mumia Abu Jamal?"
Chuck D: I think his case needs to be a national issue
Chuck D: it needs to be tried upon the plateau of fairness
Chuck D: if not, it's definitely a political prisoner discussion
Chuck D: and the United States fails to realize that it has political prisoners itself

Yahoo! Internet Life: Chuck D is generously extending his chat. We'll get five more minutes with him...

smith_jeremy says:
"hey chuck d, do u like mint condition?"
Chuck D: my wife loves mint condition, I'll leave it at that
Chuck D: I tune myself out of modern day R&B
Chuck D: I listen to stax and motown from the 60s and 70s

Edward_Siregar says:
"chuck d, what are your thought on Eminiem?"
Chuck D: very talented, but as a professional still a rookie, he has to go through the rites of passage, and he's doing that right now

Chris_Kozan says: "what about Brittany Spears?"
Chuck D: are they real?
Chuck D: and why get 'em at 17?

tracy_tabron says: "Chuck, I like your social consciousness. Will PE provide fans with an anthem for the new millenium?"
Chuck D: how 'bout "Do You Wanna To Go Our Way???"
Chuck D: in stores tomorrow

charles_fobert says: "why don't you listen to modern day r and b"
Chuck D: same old s**t over and over again, it's the same story over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
Chuck D: but I like the way Deborah Cox looks in that video

John_Leight says: "How Do you feel About being a Star?"
Chuck D: I am the anti-star I am the antithesis of their whole f---ing mode
Chuck D: I am the opposite and reverse of jiggy
Chuck D: I will fix your car, and probably drive away with it

Yahoo! Internet Life: Talk a bit about Swindler's Lust, and what it means with regard to your opinion of the majors...
Chuck D: well I was inspired by Spielberg's movie, and I felt that I could relate the story in a metaphorical way to how I and
Chuck D: other artists have been f---ing ripped to shreds
Chuck D: I'm not talking about any one group or person in particular, I'm talking about everybody, because I personally have been ripped to shreds
Chuck D: these lawyers are running the game in a way you wouldn't believe
Chuck D: I'm going to rage against the machine

10.14.99  Chuck D Chat on Yahoo
: What's up, right now I'm communicating from a cab going to the House of Blues. Sorry the cab was late!
QUESTION: I was a big fan of "Mistachuck" - Will you continue to do solo albums while still working with PE?
CHUCK D: It depends. If I find a different music genre to tap into. Right now Mistachuck is a member of Confrontation Camp.
QUESTION: Hey Mistachuck! It's Dean Engmann. I responded to your email when you get to it...Anyway, here's my question. What are you going to call the next decade? The 90's were the about a sneak peak into what the 2000-2009 decade will be called?
CHUCK D: What's up Dean? I've named the next decade the O Dec. The Decade of Zero. Why not me giving it a start?
QUESTION: Chuck - what is your ultimate goal for the website and for the future of hip hop? What would you like to see happen as far as major labels? Finally, do you need a writer for your site?
CHUCK D: Rap is the ESPN of Hip Hop. We hope to expose the music more than it's ever been before. All of it. Not just some of it.
QUESTION: Mr. D, which is your favorite album and why?
CHUCK D: I don't pick favorite albums, albums are like children, know what I'm sayin? You don't pick a favorite child.
QUESTION: Mistachuck what has become of the bomb squad and your relationship with Ice Cube?
CHUCK D: Bomb Squad is handling different duties across the terrain. Ice Cube is my man. I'm doin' like three things at once here!
QUESTION: Is your group involved in any charities?
CHUCK D: Yeah, pretty much a bunch of different things across the board. Usually when we're requested to help out.
QUESTION: What was the biggest struggle, if you don't mind, in your career to stardom?
CHUCK D: Biggest struggle? Just trying to keep everybody on the same page at all times.
QUESTION: Chuck D who is your favorite college football team?
CHUCK D: I don't have a favorite college football team. I can't stand college football. I like pro football.
QUESTION: How did you get interested in the internet?
CHUCK D: Harry Allen, my partner, introduced me to the internet in 91 in trying to do an interview for Terminator X.
QUESTION: Who was your greatest influence?
CHUCK D: My parents. As far as somebody outside of that, I think people like JimBrown and Minister Farrakan. Great examples.
QUESTION: The latest album is really awesome! What spiced it up?
CHUCK D: I think it had a focus and direction of trying to do something different. We didn't necessarily want to be better; we wanted to be distinct.
QUESTION: Do you have any plans to work with rage against the machine in the near future?
CHUCK D: Yes. I think Confrontation Camp would like to work with Rage. It's a no brainer. If I work with anybody next on a substantial level it's going to be Rage Against the Machine.
QUESTION: Chuck D...what made you go solo?
CHUCK D: I put PE on hiatus for a second. I just wanted to put something new out there.
QUESTION: What's your opinion on the Mumia case?
CHUCK D: I think it's unclear the situation, because when somebody is shot dead and somebody is actually bleeding from the shot, it's inconclusive what the deal is. It's blurry. And if it's a blurry case than that case needs to be looked at a lot closer than it has.
QUESTION: Your 18 reasons why 2Pac faked his death are infamous, do you believe he is alive or are you just stating that it is possible?
CHUCK D: I said those statements about a week after he supposedly died. So to actually hold these statements till today is ridiculous. By October I knew he was outa here.
QUESTION: Do you have any advice for young rappers such as myself on how to make it in the industry?
CHUCK D: Yup. Start your own label. Do your own thing on the internet. Hit us up at
QUESTION: What's up Chuck D, how do you feel about being sampled for dance music?
CHUCK D: I don't have a problem with that. Unless it's something totally derogatory. And dealing with the elements of drugs or death.
QUESTION: Do you feel that you make the greater impact as an artist or as a commentator/cultural critic?
CHUCK D: Artist.
QUESTION: Chuck D, what do you like to do on your spare time when you are not making albums or on tour?
CHUCK D: Travel.
QUESTION: How has the internet changed the music industry?
CHUCK D: By diminishing the role of the middle men. That's radio, video, retail, and record company power. Traditional radio, video, etc.
QUESTION: Chuck, when is your next book going to be finished/available?
CHUCK D: My book will be finished the first thing of January 2000 and may be available that summer. Called Countdown to Armageddon.
QUESTION: Where's Terminator X?
CHUCK D: TerminatorX is on sabbatical in North Carolina tending to personal business. Hopefully he'll be back next year.
QUESTION: What do you think of the latin influence on the music industry?
CHUCK D: Considering we're on this side of the world which is half Spanish speaking, I think it's inevitable that that large market be communicated to and also show its talent.
QUESTION: Dr Chuck, How far is your organization venturing into producing Rock Groups?
CHUCK D: I guess we've totally lay down the ground in the rap field. We're making inroads.
QUESTION: Do you prefer the old school rap or today's commercial variety?
CHUCK D: Hopefully by middle 2000 we'll have a couple of things out. To me, rap is rap, I like it all. WE need to hear all of its diversity instead of one type of it.
QUESTION: Chuck, are you going to release a live album from one of the POISON tour dates? Perhaps Pittsburgh maybe? I had to ask...
CHUCK D: It's a possibility. We have plans to release a few live albums. A PE archive series that we will release across the internet first. Possibly thru Atomic Pop, 7 to 10 albums. In the next couple of years.
QUESTION: How, after all these years, are you able to rock a concert like you do?
CHUCK D: Pretty much studying other genres, seeing how they, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, BB Kings, James Brown, Isley Brothers, they all rock. And we have a lot to learn from them in hip hop. I try to borrow from the masters.
QUESTION: Who is your favorite female artist?
CHUCK D: Tina Turner, Gladys Knight tied. Rap wise. Of course I have to go all time with people like Lyte and Latifah and Salt N Pepa. But the new chicks got something going on. Mishie Mie from Canada is a favorite. She's going to be coming out on Atomic Pop soon. D,Thuzion out of Detroit. She's wicked. And I think those two right there could woop anybody out there. And as far as to look at - Deborah Cox.
QUESTION: What do you think of white rappers in the game now? Some like Eminem can hold there ground?
CHUCK D: Well I think White Rappers have a lot to draw from. Like Everlast and Kid Rock which don't stereotype them into one train of hip hop thought. Hey it's 20 years of recording hip hop, it shouldn't matter what you look like.
QUESTION: How do u feel about the policing of the entertainment industry?
CHUCK D: My whole thing is we need balance, you know what I'm saying? And policing should come from within.
QUESTION: What do you think about some states trying to require parental-warning labels on tickets and advertising for some concerts?
CHUCK D: Well some things, to me, tha adults enjoy shouldn't be available to somebody under 18. Kids only have 18 years to be a child. After 18 years it's on. So keeping them away from some things they might not be able to handle is not a bad thing.
QUESTION: How was it like working with puff daddy? And dont you feel that he is commercializing rap big time?
CHUCK D: Yeah, that's his thing, commercialized rap, that's one thing out of 8. I had a good time at his video shoot. I think he's a class guy personally.
QUESTION: What do you think the biggiset problem is that rappers face these days?
CHUCK D: Not knowing the basics of music history. And not knowing the keys to caretaking of the genre.
QUESTION: Do you believe race realtions in rap are improving?
CHUCK D: Yes and no. Yes as far as the artist to artist standpoint and producers are concerned. But no, when it comes down to o white guys in suits sitting around the table determining what's going to be the bottom line for their black music department.
QUESTION: How do you feel about the changes rap went through since it started way back then?
CHUCK D: Everything has a evolution process.
QUESTION: Chuck, I heard you opened for Rage Against The Machine recently. How do your political views agree with theirs? any touring plans with them in the future?
CHUCK D: Possibly we'll see. Either PE or Confrontation Camp opening up for Rage is a similar parallel opinionated venture.
QUESTION: Chuck are you going to release a home video from the Poison Tour?
CHUCK D: Yes, I want to release quite a few like the Africa Trip and some others. With so many interesting things happening by the day I'm even coming up with more and more stuff. I think everybody should see it instead of it just being stuck on ourselves.
QUESTION: Do you have any comments on the B.I.G's death?
CHUCK D: Yes. It was unnecessary. One of hip hops lowest points. I think it happened when you have companies that allow rehetoric to be kicked across the airwaves with no accountability until one thing leads to another.
QUESTION: Do you feel like you are given enough respect considering your duration in the industry or are you considered "played out"?
CHUCK D: By my peers yes. Quite often the media, and what I mean specifically is maybe new cats that want to come in as writers after 3 or 4 years from college, they might overlook some things I'm trying to do. Because it's a big terrain to cover.
QUESTION: Chuck what's your take on sampling vs. original music?
CHUCK D: Both have advantages and disadvantages. Both have right and wrong ways to do it. The techniques are as different as oranges and apples but they're still fruit.
QUESTION: Are you anti-capitalist?
CHUCK D: I think there could be a combination of all these defined social structures, like socialism and capitalism. Whatever works best as long as poorer people don't remain poor.
QUESTION: Do you feel that with your album hitting the internet first that the internet has a huge effect on todays people?
CHUCK D: Well the people that are already converted yes. To people on the outside fringes, OK. And to people who didn't have a clue, it maybe brought us a little closer to them.
QUESTION: Everyone calls you Chuck D, but I don't think many of us know your last name, what is it?
CHUCK D: If somebody is smart enough, they can find out!
QUESTION: Do you ever think you will do a song with a metal group again?
CHUCK D: Oh, yeah, of course, don't you consider Rage Against the Machine metal?
QUESTION: What's up with u and The Artist
CHUCK D: I follow his leads, he and David Bowie as far as the internet and cyberspace musically. I recorded a cut called Undisputed for his upcoming album.
QUESTION: Do you have any comments on the recent demise of the great Wilt Chamberlin?
CHUCK D: Wilt was one of my heroes. So I was definitely shocked. But we all either live to live or live to die.
QUESTION: Would you ever consider doing an album with Eminiem?
CHUCK D: I could never say never as far as what I would do musically.
QUESTION: Do you feel as a rapper you revieve full respect from all of the media, including the ones who are against your lyrical talent?
CHUCK D: It's mind over matter, you know? I don't mind and they don't matter!
QUESTION: Chuck... What do u feel about the organization "Nuwaubian Nation of Moors"?
CHUCK D: I knew Imam Isa as Dr. York and anytime somebody wants to help the people get out of the condition that we're in as black people they have to be commended. And I respect them for that.
QUESTION: Have you ever thought about going solo?
CHUCK D: No. If I do anything, I believe in solo projects, but I could never detach myself from Public Enemy because it is me. To detach myself from PE is like taking an arm off, I'm not going to do that. What I tried to prove with my solo project is that you can still be in the group - I still worked with the same people. And I can inlist new people to come on and add to the fabric of what we originally created. So no. I will never have a case of David Lee Roth come upon me!
CHUCK D: I'd like to say Peace and thanks to everybody and maybe catch me at Get messages to me 24 hours a day around the world. Also catch the ESPN of rap music and hiphop, It's the ultimatel hip hop network. And you can catch me doing a radio show of unsigned independent artists on Thursday nights, 9PM ET. On suitcase radio/when the shit hits the fan. If you don't catch me live, catch the two week archive. I'm out!
HOB: Don't forget to come to for a live Pay-Per-View Cybercast of Public Enemy on Tuesday Oct 19 7:30 pm
Yahoo! MC: Thanks for joining us, everyone! Good night!

Chuck D / Professor Griff Chat on NME

[16:53:31] - Sorry about the delay, but Chuck and Griff are about 15 minutes away in traffic. In the meantime, here's a nice view down the Thames to Canary Wharf and the Dome...

[17:11:30] - Public Enemy are here with us now.

[17:15:24] nobadattitude - Don't you think that you are partailly responsible for alot of the gang related violence in the US because of your violent attitude violent lyrics your attempts to be threatening and the general feeling of menace you portray, un educated American youth respond wrongly to you and this makes the US the complete violent land that you live in are you happy? 
Public Enemy (Griff) Do you brush your teeth with Crest?

[17:17:13] Adam - Will you playing the classics at the Forum show?
Public Enemy  chuck;yes we will there s no show without classicsics

[17:18:42] Mark F - Which of your albums are you the most proud of?
Public Enemy   chuck ; albums are like children,all of them are special....muse sick is memorable

[17:19:28] Mark F - What's your favourite film?
Public Enemy  chuck;dead bros

[17:19:46] SB - What is your view on the shooting of Tim Westwood? Are you aware of the violence that surrounds the UK hip hop scene? Why are there still no UK hip hop acts that can cut it against our US counterparts?
Public Enemy  (Griff) Ye we are aware of trhe shooting of Tim westwood aznd we've been aware for a log time of thye violence thyat surroat surronds the hip hop scene. Thsathat's why we make the sort of music we make - to counteract some of that violence.

[17:20:11] Goddess - What do you think of Marilyn Manson?
Public Enemy  chuck;nothing.......

[17:21:50] guilty - what sort of music that have emerged in the last couple of years do you admire? 
Public Enemy 
chuck;idig the inst. attacks ...chems,prod.tricky......etc.....

[17:22:12] Mickey - Can you unequivocally deny allegations of anti-semitism (notably Professor Griff)? Many Jewish people explicitly support your ideas - and feel let down by the implied continuing accusations....Thanks
Public Enemy I think we can unequivocably DENY...what. But what is an allegation? Ask me, I'm her is the flesh.

[17:22:31] Fex - How long do you think the major labels will survive??
Public Enemy  chuck;for a while but theyll have to adapt....

[17:22:39] Furry Animal - Who do you think is the most influential artsist in the US at the moment 
Public Enemy 
The Artist

[17:23:02] Adam - Will you playing the classics at the Forum show?
Public Enemy  Yes.

[17:23:22] Fozzy Boy - What gave you the inspiration to carry on making records?
Public Enemy  People like you.

[17:24:15] Sonatine - What do you make of Puff Daddy's cover of PE 2000?
Public Enemy  chuck;any cover is flattering...shit weve been covered byduran duran....duran

[17:24:51] Phil M. - where's your future lie? are you in to nu-skool sounds and beats, or sticking with the trusted and tried?
Public Enemy  Yes but the artists must perfect their craft and talk about more than 4 subjects 

[17:25:11] Furry Animal - Where's Flava?
Public Enemy  he don't know

[17:26:37] Tony - Do you think that James Brown should still be touring at his age, or has he become a bit of a joke???
Public Enemy  james Brown's a legend. You don't say the same shit about Mick Jagger!

[17:27:58] Tom - Chuck - you dont look very hard !!!!
Public Enemy  chuck; cant see my BRAIN CAN YOU?????

[17:28:02] Billy - What do you think of the violence at Woodstock this year?
Public Enemy  chuck;it was due to exploitation by promoters.....high prices for water.......peeps couldnt bring in their own food...

[17:28:33] wolfiesynth - Dear Chuck and Griff, I've been following you since the start of P.E. and found your media arts an inspiration. I've never been too bothered about having or getting a deal, been more into synthesis, beats and computers. Anyway, I'm signed in a project, but i decided to investigate mp3 format and..... 10 hours on a cd, and i can do it on my mac! All of a sudden, it seems much easier to develop projects wherever you could put a computer and a microphone. I feel like I'm stuck in the middle, but the control and political factors of this format feels artist liberating, nearer to the spirit of music. You probably have an idea of some of the emerging pathways clearer than the rest of us. What does your label say about you releasing mp3's? 
Public Enemy We are on a label that specialises in doing to the site

[17:29:56] JoB - Chuck, can you tell us some more about the album you're going to do with European rappers? What's the idea behind it and who will be on it?
Public Enemy  chuck; more opportunity with technology to show a worldwide hiphop unity....

[17:30:57] backup chump - is it good that Mobb Deep resolutely refuse to cheer up? Is there too much soulful easy-going happiness about?
Public Enemy  
What do you expect when you make murder music?

[17:31:22] Sandy - Have you ever had any mad stalker fans?
Public Enemy  (Griff)President Clinton!

[17:31:31] rentboy - Why is it that even after 10 years no one (including yourselves)has managed to top "It Takes A Nation..."
Public Enemy  chuck;we never tried to top it cant repeat that era......or the vibe....

[17:32:46] Paul - Is the art of sampling dead?
Public Enemy  (Griff) Do you have the knowlege of publishing?

[17:33:09] Reggie-Reg - Chuck--Are you coming to DC's 9:30 Club for the Poison Tour??? 
Public Enemy  
chuck;regggggggggggg whadddddup .. october for sure...

[17:33:25] Andy M. - Any thoughts on the British drum 'n' bass scene?
Public Enemy  Look out for Confrontation Camp.

[17:34:33] M_of_H -move the cam - Please can you move the camera !
Public Enemy  chuck;aRE wE tHAT iMPORTANT tO lOOK aT????

[17:35:23] blkmind - Why do you think the majority of rapper today talk about nothing but self destructive things!!
Public Enemy  (Griff) Because if they were taught better, they would know better and they would do better!

[17:36:19] Dereck P - This question is for Griff: Do you keep in contact with the mebers of the Asiatic Disciples...If yes, will you record a new album with???
Public Enemy (Griff) One or two of them...but it would be very difficult to cut an album with them.  

[17:36:45] Robbo - Is Confrontation Camp drum 'n' Bass then?
Public Enemy  chuck;no,but it has out how you term music... 

[17:37:51] JoB - PE has toured the world many times, with great success. Why are so little US rappers prepared to come over here and do a great show as it would undoubtedly increase their reputation and, in the end, sales. It seems like many don't care about their fans outside of their own neighbourhood. 
Public Enemy 
They're not taught to care about any other environment that their own.

[17:39:25] M-h2o - Besides PE and Ice T. are any another rappers (that you know of) gonna take a stand and use the internet to its fullest? 
Public Enemy 
chuck;more to come.......a lotta underground acts....mountain bros.rascalz,,micranots....ound

[17:40:19] Paul Heron - You take inspiration from the Nation of Islam, what about the Black Panthers?
Public Enemy  (Griff) Watts Prophets, Gil Scott Heron, Malcolm X, Mao Tse Tung,

[17:40:42] blkmind - I heard The PE2000 Remix and it was tight! When is Confrontation Camp going going to drop? Will it be internet only as well?
Public Enemy  chuck;internet first.....

[17:40:47] Fex - Are you being paid by snapple? 
Public Enemy 
No we're just thirsty as hell!

[17:42:09] J.A.N.O.L - PEACE CHUCK! just taking a few minutes away from the Enemy Board ( to see what was going on here...
Public Enemy  chuck;whaaadddap FAM let these cats know....JANOL

[17:42:33] Brownie Boy - You keep referring to other rappers as 'they'. You are so well-respected by other rappers, but a lot of them don't even listen to you. What hope do you have for the message if other rappers don't even listen to your advice? Public Enemy  No one's sai in the whole hhistory of PE that rappers should take heed. It's people in general that we're aiming at

[17:43:12] Eoin - Does it get harder to stay angry as you get older?

[17:43:30] Alex - It's interesting that u mention Mao Tse Tung. It's probably just my poor interpretation, but I've never noticed any socialism or communism in your lyrics. Would u say there was?
Public Enemy A lot of things influence that we don't necessarily write about

Public Enemy  chuck;waddddup g it was special ....i laced a verse....hit me up FAM e mail

[17:45:13] Tony - What did you think of "The Phantom Menance"? It sound more like a PE title if you ask me
Public Enemy  Nothing.

[17:46:16] Brownie Boy - Are you disappointed not to be able to play the Notting Hill Carnival? We're gonna miss you lot.
Public Enemy  chuck; yes were dissapointed but well be hanging....

[17:46:41] James - What do u think is your best song (I think it's party to your right to fight)? 
Public Enemy
 Prophets Of Rage

[17:47:02] Holmesy - Forget mao se tung, what about Lenin!
Public Enemy  OK

Public Enemy  We're relevant to those that are relevant!

[17:48:40] sylv - what's your favourite sly and the family stone track?
Public Enemy  (Griff) I like Dance To The Music.  

[17:49:18] Big Daddy G - What was the last piece of music you listened to (that you enjoyed!!!) 
Public Enemy  
rage Against The machine

[17:49:21] JoB - Chuck, is it true you live in Atlanta nowadays instead of Long Island? Why did you move?
Public Enemy  chuck; bettr weather more for your $.....more black folk with control....LI IS Still the crib too... is still the crib too....

[17:50:27] Dave - In Bring The Bring the noise u start with 'Bass, how low can u go', but, unless it's my stereo, there doesn't seem to be much bass in the song. How come?
Public Enemy  chuck;the bass is my voice...

[17:52:47] Dereck - Griff.....I love your poems!!! Have you ever considered publishing a book of such poems?????
Public Enemy  griff; working on it right now ....and the word became the title....

[17:53:11] rentboy - Which MC s do you rate the highest? 
Public Enemy  
Rakim, Heather B, Lincoln's Second assassin, the kid on the grassy knoll, and one other group we admire the damn bitch project!

[17:54:34] Reggie-Reg - Are you going to make "Poison" paraphenalia (t-shirts & posters, etc) I see the posters in the background.
Public Enemy  
c''ill get a stack, over here they got mad promo goods...

[17:55:06] Big Daddy G - Woa! Major idea! How about you guys teaming up with Rage Against the Machine!!! That would kick big ass!!! 
Public Enemy  
Yes, we're going 2 do Prophets Of Rage together, hopefully...

[17:55:48] Genius - Has Flav ever met a crack pipe he didn't like?
Public Enemy  chuck; im sure that youve named yourself,eh?

[17:56:10] Joe - Do u think there's any significance in the fact that you're the greatest hip-hop group ever and u hardly ever swear, unlike so many other rap bands? 
Public Enemy  
You have to speak people's answers

[17:56:47] J.A.N.O.L - Griff, are still practicing Martial Arts? Last I heard you were dipping and dabbing in "Wing Chung"? Public Enemy  True...and akido

[17:57:06] Dereck - Griff: That's a dope title....... Chuck: What are your feeling towards these "Rock" bands mixing Hip-Hop elements in their performance(i.e., breakdancing in videos, rapping, using samples as wella s having DJs in their group)......groups like Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc., etc......
Public Enemy  griff e-mail...progriff@bell

[17:58:25] john lee booker - what did it mean to you for ice-t to publically stick up for you whilst others were talking shit (1989)? 
Public Enemy That's another artist recognised our plight...a lot of artists stay on the sideline and say 'taht's them'...thanks to the Geto Boyz too, and thanks too to Bitches With Problems

[17:58:37] Fex - Who originally designed the PE logo?
Public Enemy  chuck;i did as a mistake...

[17:59:46] Anonymous - I could be wrong (and probably am), but I think I detected a bit of homophobia on Muse Sick.... Am I wrong?
Public Enemy  You're wrong

[18:00:02] IceBerg - Sup, P.E. IceBerg form the board checkin in. Is P.E. gonna hit the Midwest? I'm thinkin St. Louis, but anywhere? 
Public Enemy 
chuck;no doubt FAM....

[18:00:22] Prij - was NATO right to intervene in the Kosovo conflict?
Public Enemy  NATO probably STARTED the KOSOVO CONFLICT 

[18:01:04] - is it true you used a felt sample 'primitive painters' in one of your songs?
Public Enemy  (Griff) I've never heard of it

[18:01:34] Niall - OK - honest answer - Duran Duran covering "911 is a joke" - good or bad!! 
Public Enemy 
(Griff) Good

[18:02:20] Jim - Unfortunately, I can't be at your gigs next week. When will u next tour the UK after that? 
Public Enemy 
We're coming back with Confrontation Camp..

[18:03:03] Brownie Boy - What's Terminator X up to?
Public Enemy  raising ostriches

[18:03:10] Reggie-Reg - Chuck--Who do like in Saturday's Pig skin Classic. Arizona or Penn State??? I'm a Penn State grad and I know how you feel about Arizona. 
Public Enemy 
CHUCK; STRANGELY enuff reg i dont follow college football onlycccollege football

[18:03:57] JoB - What happened to the Bomb Squad? I believe Hank Shocklee is an exec at MCA these days. Do you keep in touch? Would a reunion be a good idea? 
Public Enemy 
See answer on page 348

[18:04:34] gaz - is it true u are harry belafonte's no. 1 fans?
Public Enemy  chuck; no ..harry allen's no 1 fans

Public Enemy  Yes, if you request it in person.

[18:05:31] Niall - you know ... it would be awesome if you let the Prodigy do an EP of PE remixes ... like on Dirtchamber sessions with PE Number one
Public Enemy idea...

[18:06:25] Dereck - True or "Tom E. Hawk" really Eric Sadler??? 
Public Enemy 
chuck; false an true.....

[18:06:36] J.A.N.O.L - As far as the name Public Enemy(which is the best there is) was there any other name that came to mind for the title of the group. 
Public Enemy  
No...Damn! That's what I ended up calling it...

Public Enemy  chuck;hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see.....

[18:09:51] Reggie-Reg - Chuck--Did you see the 20,000th Sports Center show last year??? They did the highlight reel using Welcome to the TerrorDome in the background. All the highlights matched the lyrics. I'm sending Dean the tape so he can put it on his site.
Public Enemy  chuck;we gotta incorporate dean into the realm as well as you and others, reg,,

[18:18:00] chuck pe - yo im out to my next encounter out here in LONDON town .....peace out to all my fams at best peeps reppin on the the board fam,aint this proof that theres nothing ever like this,here i am across the water and we all are corresponding,...shit thats why the music biz is scared,...THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS.......MYSELF,GRIFF ARE OUT....PEACE

Chuck D Chat on AOL 
Welcome, Chuck D! Thank you so much for joining us for this AOL chat. It is very nice to have you with us. 

RTJohnB: Hi folks, welcome to our live chat with Chuck D of Public Enemy. Let's get started. 

AOLiveMC1: Here's our first audience question: Will u ever do a tour with anthrax or something like that ever again? That was a really cool concert. 

ChuckDLive: Peace Everyone. I'm Chuck D from Public Enemy. Thanks for having me. Right now it is yet to be determined. The sky is the limit. 

Question: Did you ever think you would become a rapper? 

ChuckDLive: No, because when I was in High School, there was no such thing a Rap. 


ChuckDLive: It was Nine years ago in fact. I think we all learned more about each other. I think he learned allot about it then and vice versa. 

Question: Did you have a hard life growing up? 

ChuckDLive: No. I was lucky. 

Question: Do you for-see a tour at all or a reunion tour of the old public enemy? 

ChuckDLive: Before I answer that I want to add that to me a hard life is one that is that of the people in 3rd world countries. There may be a reunion in the near future. It depends on many things. 

Question: Chuck~do you think people will ever be able to work out their differences without violence and threats? Isn't there some way to get to know each other without killing each other?

ChuckDLive: Of course we just have to get started. The next century holds the promise. 

Question: What other artists have you become really close to during your career so far? 

ChuckDLive: Ice T, Ice Q, KRS1. Collective guys like Kam. Rampage, Plus many others. 

Question: What do you do in your spare time to increase your knowledge, intelligence and understanding of the world around you? 

ChuckDLive: The Internet is nice. Basically I keep my eyes open and my mouth shut. 

Question: Chuck, why don't most rap stars go on the high school circuit, I live in Alabama and these kids are buying all of the music, but they need motivation from the rap stars, come to the south and give some motivational speeches. 

ChuckDLive: I live in the South and always give motivational speeches. In fact I am presently trying to put together an organization that gives motivational tours. 

Question: How would you rate your "He Got Game" album compared to your other hot albums, where were you put it? 

ChuckDLive: I would give it an 8. Given the short amount of time we had to make it. 

RTJohnB: What did you think of tricky's cover of "Black Steel"? 

ChuckDLive: I thought it was cool. Trip hop on drum and base pushed the level of hip hop. 

Question: Okay, so Chuck, when is the new full length album coming? 

ChuckDLive: Possibly October. It is one of 3 albums this year. A catalogue album is due in August. "There Is A Poisin Goin On" is also coming. 

Question: PE's lyrics have attacked sexism. Is it a problem in hip hop today? 

ChuckDLive: Yes, because it is a problem in society. Yes, We have been guilty of it sometimes. 

Question: What do you think about the movie "He Got Game"? 

ChuckDLive: It is sharp, witty, and has a deep meaning to it. Denzel is Denzel! How could you go wrong. 

Question: In retrospect, do you regret kicking Griff out of the group? Do you think you handled it properly? 

ChuckDLive: I think I handled it properly at the time. On the other hand I will always have regrets. Being a leader, sometimes you have to make sharp decisions for the whole. 

Question: Would you ever consider working with the Beastie Boys or a Tribe Called Quest on a project? 

ChuckDLive: No doubt. Two of my favorites of all times. 

Question: Question for ChuCk D: What do you think of hip hop now as opposed to when you first started? 

ChuckDLive: I think talent wise it has never been better. I think artists in order to protect their contracts. Don't take as many risky and daring challenges. That had compelled hip hop at it's best. 

Question: What do you think of the whole East Vs West rap war? 

ChuckDLive: A fallacy. There is no such thing. Don't believe the hype. 

Question: I like yo book, "Fight the Power", is there any upcoming books? 

ChuckDLive: Yes, I am writing one right now. "Anatomy of a Black Circus Within." Will probably come out in 1999. 

RTJohnB: Can you tell us what that's about? 

ChuckDLive: It's a day to day diary. 

Question: Do you think the youth of today "feel" your music like we did back in the late 80s/early 90s? 

ChuckDLive: It is a different generation. It would take a big introduction to today's teenagers. I think Public Enemy has an older audience that newer groups get to. 

Question: Have you planned on doing any more projects with any other industrial bands such as "Front Line Assembly"? 

ChuckDLive: The sky is the limit as far as where we will go from here. We will have to see what is offered to us. 

Question: I recently met Jello Biafra, the former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys turned political activist. I noticed that PE thanks him in one of your albums, Do you stay in contact with him at all? 

ChuckDLive: Occasionally we run across each other. He is good people. 

Question: Do you have any opinions on Flava's troubles? Is it hype, or are the problems serious? 

ChuckDLive: It is a combination of both of them? We try to do the best to make Flava's situation as easy to handle as possible. 

Question: How did Public Enemy do the soundtrack for He got Game when there is only one song in the movie?? Is the sound track full of new PE music? :) 

ChuckDLive: Yes, the sound track has 13 songs. We have 7 of them of it. The rest is classical score by Aaron Coupland. 

Question: Chuck D, What is most important? The message or the music. Are they both the same? 

ChuckDLive: They are both the same. 

Question: Do u think of yourself as a rolemodel? 

ChuckDLive: Yes, because I am in front of the camera. Kids should pick up something good, because it could help them. 

Question: In working on the soundtrack, especially the title cut, did Spike Lee come to you guys and ask for some tracks? or have you guys been working on stuff for awhile? 

ChuckDLive: In this case Spike came to us. We made an album from scratch. 

RTJohnB: Where'd you get the idea for the buffalo springfield sample? and how did you get Stephen stills involved? 

ChuckDLive: It was a combination of Spike, myself, Hank and the film company to try to flip it into something. We called Stephen up and asked him. 

AOLiveMC1: Chuck D, do you have a website where people might find out your performance schedule? 

ChuckDLive: Yes, what inspired to you to start 

ChuckDLive: The need to corral hip hop information for future streaming possibilities. It is going up in June for sure. 

Question: What do you think is necessary of all rappers? what requirements and experience? 

ChuckDLive: Music, objective, visual identity and entertaining qualities. The knowledge of the past present and future artists. 

RTJohnB: Do you think rappers should always have something to say? 

ChuckDLive: Yes, no matter what it is. 

Question: hi, who is your favorite poet? 

ChuckDLive: My favorite poet would be The Last Poets. the old has society race-wise advanced in the past decade? I think the relationships have gotten better. Older people should take note. 

Question: Chuck, what was the reason for the original PE breakup, and what led to the reunion? 

ChuckDLive: We didn't break up. People get older and move around. And logistically it takes time to put together things of great magnitude. 

Question: What do you feel is your best album ever? I don't feel "Fear of a Black Planet" gets the respect it deserves. I always thought of it as the "Sergeant Pepper" of Rap 

ChuckDLive: It is hard to pick a favorite. Comparing albums is like comparing children. 

ChuckDLive: I like them all the same. 

Question: Hey chuck, jungle, otherwise known as drum and bass. your voice is heavily sampled in it. Music. underground still has a hold on you. what do u think? 

ChuckDLive: I like it. 

Question: Chuck how do you feel about gangata rappers? 

ChuckDLive: I think people confuse the term Sadler? and why? gangerster rap which is the west coast form of rap and west coast rap has always been all right. They just confuse the two. 

Question: Hi! I met you at the Amnesty International Spotlight Awards, are you involved with anything for amnesty at the moment, are you still active in that area? 

ChuckDLive: Yes I am still involved. I wish I could have been involved with their latest commercial because I believe in it. 

Question: What other hobbies do u have other then singing? 

ChuckDLive: Driving, writing, and sleep is a good hobby too. 

Question: Yo, Chuck from your lyrics, its sounds like you are well read. What are some of your favorite books? 

ChuckDLive: "Death Of Rhythm and Blues" and " The Last Dictator " are two of my favorite books. 

Question: Is PE going to stay around and try to re-influence everyone into positive rap again? 

ChuckDLive: I think that is beyond our capabilities. Life itself should navigate people's minds into making decisions over right or wrong. 

Question: Chuck will you be participating in the Tibetan freedom festival again this year? 

ChuckDLive: Individually yes, and as far as Public Enemy performance, depends on how things are going. It has been a pleasure once again to talk with all of you here online. 

RTJohnB: Thanks, Chuck, for stopping by tonight. ChuckDLive: I appreciate all the wonderful people and questions. Thanks and stay tuned for the future and remember to check out and coming soon. Thanks everyone. 


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