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Recent Headlines
(from March 2000)

3.30.2000  PE Concert to be Re-broadcast @
by Dean Engmann
Once again you can watch the Public Enemy concert that was recorded at the Los Angeles House Of Blues on October 19th, 1999 at!  This
concert is a Pay-Per-View 24 Hour CyberTicket that starts Friday, April 14 at 6 pm PST, however, if you just want to watch the 28k or 56k stream, it's free.  The pay-per-view concert is for those of you with quick internet access.  You can watch either a 100k, 300k, or 650k stream for just $7.99.

Here's the write-up of Public Enemy from the HOB website.

When speaking of hip-hop, many consider Public Enemy the definitive group of the genre. In the late 80's Chuck D, Flava Flav, DJ Terminator X, Professor Griff and the rest of the Bomb Squad redefined the elements of rap, creating the very first incarnation of gan
gsta and hardcore. With a constant focus on the social issues of the day, Chuck D transcended the rules, launching Public Enemy into the realm political revolutionaries. Armed with incendiary rhymes and an invigorating concoction of sound that combined machine gun beats, chaotic samples and the lethal combination of Chuck D's powerhouse voice and Flava Fla's absurd antics, the group came to signify the future of rap. Albums like Yo Bum Rush the Show and Fear of a Black Planet showed the world that hip-hop was a force to be reckoned with. Today Public Enemy continue their revolutionary work, taking rap to even greater levels than when they started. Their latest release There's a Poison Going On defies conformity and embraces the future. Check out this 24 hour Pay-Per-View Cyber-ticket of Public Enemy recorded live and in video at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on October 19, 1999.

Visit the official Public Enemy website:

Public Enemy appears courtesy of Atomic Pop.

3.30.2000  Chuck D at Conference
(from website)
Chuck D, trailblazer of the rap movement will speak to the future of the First Amendment, Saturday, April 15, at the FIRST, Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust We the Future Convention 2000. The presentation begins at 1 P.M. at the Drexel University Great Hall, 32nd and Chestnut Streets. During the weekend of April 14-16, young adults will gather in Philadelphia to take the future in their hands to create a Generational Action Plan. "One of the most politically and socially conscious artists of any generation," says Spike Lee, Chuck D is the founder of Public Enemy, the innovative rap group. He is the author of a best selling autobiography, a national spokesperson for Rock The Vote and is seen on CNN, Nightline and Politically Incorrect. Last fall he launched a multi-format "supersite" on the Web, A guest contributor to Time Magazine, Chuck D has been profiled in Forbes, Time, and USA Today. A one-day only registration is offered from support by PECO, Lucent Technologies and William Penn Foundation. Events include deliberations with Congressman Chaka Fattah; Wendy Kopp, President of Teach for America; Dr. Baruch Blumberg, Nobel Prize for Medicine winner; Lt. Governor Joe Rogers of Colorado and Dr. Arthur Shostak of the World Future Society. Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children's Defense Fund is the keynote speaker. Jose M. Ferrer, Managing Editor of Time Inc. moderates presentations by the Presidential Campaigns. Representatives will be announced soon. Registration is open to those between 18 and 35 who have a desire to be heard in the coming election. Registration fee for the conference is $100. Saturday only admission is $50. Contact FIRST at 215-241-7980 or

3.29.2000  Chuck D Speaks at We The Future 2000
(from Vibe website)
Chuck D, founder of the politically conscious rap outfit Public Enemy, will be on hand for the FIRST [Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust] We The Future Convention 2000. He will be speaking on the future of the First Amendment. The event will take place on Saturday, April 15th at 1pm at the Drexel University Great Hall on 32nd and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia. We the Future 2000 is a weekend long event with conventions and workshops to discuss topics effecting young adults of today. Those in attendance will be able to speak directly to the candidates to get some answers and see where they stand. Other guest speakers include Congressman Chaka Fattah, Wendy Kopp, President of Teach for America, and Dr. Arthur Shostak of the World Future Society. Registration fee is $100 and $50 on Saturday for anyone who is 18-35 and wants to have their voice heard. For more information call (215) 241-7980 or log on to

3.25.2000  Chuck D confirmed for Hip Hop Generation - Hip Hop as a Movement Conference
by Dean Engmann
Chuck D has been added to speak at the first ever Hip Hop Generation - Hip Hop as a Movement conference at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  The mission statement on the official website tells what this conference is all
about: The conference is meant to empower youth of all backgrounds and those willing to advance their culture to the next level, social change. Despite the misconceptions of mainstream America, Hip Hop is more than music. Hip Hop is the culture of disenfranchised people, made to address and inspire action among the masses. This conference is meant to encourage people to wear their song as their flag and address the needs and issues of communities in America and the world.

This conference is FREE to all.  Just register at  This may finally be my chance to meet the one and only mistachuck - I missed him at the PE concert in Milwaukee back in October, so hopefully I'll catch him this time around.

Here's the article from Davey D's excellent website, who is also scheduled to appear.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host "Hip Hop Generation - Hip Hop As A Movement", the very first conference dedicated solely to youth empowerment and social change through Hip Hop Culture, April 14-!6. The event will bring entertainers, scholars, activists, and community members together to examine urban youth culture as a force for social change.

The historic 3-day gathering will include panels addressing a broad range of issues, from "The Prison Industrial Complex", "Sexuality and Homophobia in Hip Hop", "Anti-Violence Youth Organizing", to "Guerilla Radio-The Internet's Impact on The Music Industry". The conference will also feature special graf exhibits by Jim Prighoff and dzine.

The conference will feature performances by some of the hottest underground artists including Screwball (Tommy Boy), Dead Prez (Loud), Planet Asia (Ground Control/Nu Gruv), Bahamadiah (Goodvibe), Zion I (Ground Control/Nu Gruv), and Rebel Lion (Black Panther Collective). Performance showcases of local talent will also be featured.

The Saturday concert will unite some of the most talented women performers in Hip Hop today giving the spotlight to an all-female line up. Saturday night performers are: the Anomolies, Medusa (Goodvibe), Shortee (Bomb Hip Hop), Neb Luv (Goodvibe), and DJ Kuttin Kandi (5th Platoon).

Other speakers and panelists include Davey D, Dan Frosch, Mtume Ya Salaam, Professor Craig Werner, Minister Abdullah Muhammad, Adam Matthews, Luis Cardona, Rachel Raimist, Asia 1, and Shaka Shakur.

Participants may register online at to insure access to all events and exhibitions. This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by the Associated Students of Madison and the Wisconsin Union Directorate

Media & Promotions Contact: Greg DL -  608-262-1206  608-265-3549 fax

3.23.2000  Chuck D Nominated for Prestigous Award
Congratulations to Chuck D, who has been nominated for Long Islander of the Century by Newsday, the daily Long Island, NY newspaper. Each day, Monday through Thursday the paper presents another nominee who hails from Long Island and has contributed to the community and made positive achievements in this century. Later this year readers will vote for their Long Islander of the Century choices.

Chuck D has been nominated for multiple achievements including the formation of Public Enemy with fellow Long Islanders, William Drayton aka Flavor Flav, Norman Rogers aka Terminator X, Richard Griffin aka Professor Griff and original PE producer Hank Shocklee. Public Enemy is considered by many to be the most influential and political group in rap's history, "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back," released in 1988, has been hailed by many critics and fans to be the masterpiece album of hip hop.

Additionally, Chuck D has traveled the world speaking out on injustices and visiting schools and universities lecturing on drugs and violence and the importance of education. He continues to lecture today, quickly becoming one of the most important speakers of our time.

Chuck D has of late formed a network of websites where he can reach a global audience, through his bi-monthly Terrordome commentaries at his official Public Enemy website,, as well as contributing commentary at and through his radio shows here at While at the official P.E. site be sure to catch up-to-the-minute details on the activities of Chuck D and Public Enemy in the Hype section.

14:57:29  Bring The Noise Presents Chuck D's New Radio Show
(from MusicNewsWire Direct News) courtesy of Atomic Pop

Los Angeles (March 17, 2000) - Bring the Noise and Atomic Pop announce the launch of a new weekly radio show, “Beats, Rhymes And Life: Hip-Hop News Show,” with Chuck D exclusively on In this first-of-its-kind radio show, Chuck D will verbally cover the week in hip-hop with commentary, board readings, and music, every Saturday night starting at 9:00pm EST. The debut show will air this Saturday, March 18th.

“My goal is to try to become the ‘dark Dick Clark’ of this genre space. A hip-hop news show is rare and I figured why not start it here. covers all of the other areas of hip-hop and rap programming, and this was the only void left,” says Bring The Noise co-founder Chuck D. “‘Beats, Rhymes And Life: Hip-Hop News Show’ is a first, inspired by Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live’s news coverage, but in a hip-hop way.” was founded by rap and Internet visionary Chuck D and long-time Public Enemy producer Gary G-Wiz. With the addition of “Beats, Rhymes And Life,” will broadcast one new radio show nightly, streaming at 9:00 PM EST.

“Chuck and Gary have a deep connection to the hip-hop community and Atomic Pop is dedicated to empowering them in every way possible in reaching a global audience” says Serina Mayer, Atomic Pop’s Managing Director of Online Operations.

Additional nightly shows include “The Countdown Show” (the hottest top 10 list on the Internet), “The Hip-Hop Spot” (veteran New York rap DJ Wildman Steve spinning hip-hop classics), “The Strictly Hot Shit Mix Show” (featuring DJ Kamron), “1/2 Pint’s Hot Spot” (the hottest new underground jams, old school flavor and artist interviews, hosted by Rap radio veteran 1/2 Pint), “2 Angry Listeners” (average listeners review signed and unsigned music), and Chuck D will continue to host “When The Shit Hits The Fans” (the best unsigned and independent music) also dubbed “Suitcase Radio” because he broadcasts live from a suitcase as he travels around the world.

Bring The Noise is a joint venture with Atomic Pop and is also accessible via

Voted "Best Internet Radio Station for 2000" by Yahoo Internet Life

ABOUT ATOMIC POP Atomic Pop was founded by Al Teller, the former head of MCA Music Entertainment Group, president of CBS records and CEO of Alliance Entertainment. Atomic Pop is an Internet-centric music company committed to leveraging the digital medium to change the way music is acquired, marketed, promoted, sold, distributed and experienced. The company is based in Santa Monica, Calif. Additional information can be found on the Internet at

3.13.2000  Bill adds a Bill to his Material, Mystic adds Flavor to Lightyear
(from website)  by Daddy Lion Chandell (Music & Entertainment Analyst and Historian)

Yeaaaah, boyeeee! He's back, not that he ever left, really. But even with two Public Enemy albums past by from the last two years---their last Def Jam Recordings album He Got Game: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Def Jam-Def Jam Music Group*PolyGram, 1998], and last year's 'There's A Poison Goin' On,' one of the first albums for the fairly new Internet-interactive record label, Atomic Pop (thank God they changed their logo)---people have had yet to hear the mouth of Flavor Flav once again in a more exposed sense. Well, last year, the unforgettable, young-voiced, large-clock-sporting, electric-crazy-motion B-boy Flav, born William Drayton, is the first to be signed to Omega Records, a new "Urban" division of Mystic Music & Entertainment, owned by Greg Russell and currently distributed by Lightyear Entertainment. The deal with Lightyear came quite naturally since Mystic, in late 1998, acquired Viceroy Music which was distributed by Lightyear previously (and vaguely seen by many). Mystic's most recent release and probably first one under that name was the debut solo album for Robert Lamm, former co-frontman for the legendary Contemporary group Chicago® and writer/lead vocalist on most of their earliest and most memorable hits including "Beginnings (a.k.a. Only The Beginning)", "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?", and "Saturday In The Park" [Columbia-Sony Music (CBS Records), 1970, 1970, and 1972].

Unsurprisingly, the title of Flavor Flav's debut album is 'It's About Time,' which should be released sometime around April. Also, you should not be surprised if there are nice big names on the special guest lineup list. Some people already know about his debut single, "Git On Down"/"The Hot 1", which was released in December. "Git On Down" is one of a few tracks that marks the comeback of the 1991 Psychedelic Hip-Hop group Son Of Bazerk, who recorded for the MCA-distributed (and no longer around for about 6 years) Sound Of Urban Listeners (S.O.U.L.) label owned by Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad, best known for---who else?---Public Enemy. "The Hot 1" features Beverly Johnson, who if I'm correct is one and the same as the long-time model and actress most recently featured in Lionel C. Martin's hot, sexy comedy 'Def Jam's How To Be A Player' [Island Pictures-PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1997].

I remember walking down 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan last Summer and meeting up with Flav, who happened to be in a rush at that time. It was no more than at least 20 seconds that we spoke as he stated to me that he had to head down to his label. That label must have definitely been Mystic since it is located in Midtown. As far as other Flavor Flav material is concerned, you can find him on the latest Hip-Hop project album, 'Intonarumori' by Material, the special "group" lead by Bill Laswell. ("There's no stopping Mr. Laswell"). 'Intonarumori' is the first album on Laswell's still-existing, decade-old Axiom label as per its switch of distribution from Island Records to Palm Pictures Records-Islandlife. Flav's song is a hot one too....quite literally, I must say, in two ways. It's a hot song to listen to, and it also discusses hot sex that gets you hot....BATHROOM HOT! Flav's "Burnin' " features phonosycographDISK and DXT and can be found as song #2 (amidst the two interludes). The album should be in stores now and it features other songs from Kool Keith and Kut Masta Kurt, Killah Priest, Alicia Blue, Ramm Ell Zee, Juggaknots with Queen Heroine, The Ghetto Prophets, Nature Boy Jim Kelly, and Parliament/Funkadelic members Bernie Worrell and Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey on separate tracks with other people.

Flavor Flav should gain some hot talk from this project. By that time, all his rare, large clocks will synchronize and explode onto the world at large, and we won't hear the end of it. And we won't want to, because all of us will be nodding our heads or (pardon the expression) laughing our asses off and saying to ourselves, "Damn, it's about time!" Flav, we love you, G, on the MAXIMUM strength.

On the post-script tip, I'm surprised Universal didn't take him, considering his special opening contribution to a 1990 Universal movie. Let me know if you know what I'm talking about.

**Watch for a very special report on Flavor Flav coinciding with the upcoming album review.**

3.13.2000  Chuck D Launches New Show @
(from Manhunt website)

Tune in to Chuck D's new weekly show 'BEATS, RHYMES, AND LIFE' HIPHOP NEWS SHOW WITH CHUCK D'exclusively on Mista Chuck verbally covers the week in hiphop with commentary, board readings and music every Saturday night starting at 9:00pm EST. Catch the debut show this Saturday, March 18th.

And remember, keep checkin his SUITCASE RADIO 'WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FANS' show on Thursday nights at 9:00pm EST, playing across the world the best of unsigned and independent releases.

3.8.2000  Chuck D Wants Your MP3s
(from Spin website)
Public Enemy leader Chuck D is looking to enlist "an army of MP3s" to be featured on his Rapstation website ( Posting in the Terrordome section of the official PE site (, the hip hop/net pioneers explains:
"At I'm looking for an army of MP3s on the mp3 jamz, at least 3000 songs by the end of the year. I'm also organizing an Internet street squad to comb thru cyberspace to recruit heads. Where we are different than is that we will only concentrate in the hiphop realm or any of its closely related areas." If you've got something cool to share with Chuck, "Either upload at the site address, or send CDs, DATs or cassettes to rapstation mp3-jamz, 7139 Hwy. 85, Suite 131, Riverdale, Georgia 30274. I don't care if you're screamin in a tape recorder." D's label site is expected to launch this Spring ("April or May"). He is looking to sign "at least 100 artists" to "digital deals" before 2001. D will release the debut disc from his side project Confrontation Camp later this year. Check Noise for further details soon.

3.7.2000  Don't Forget to vote for Public Enemy in the Online Hip Hop Awards!!!
by Dean Engmann
Public Enemy as well as are up for awards in this year's Online Hip Hop Awards. is up for Best New Website and also Outstanding Graphic Design awards.  Public Enemy is up for Online Hip-Hop Award of the Year
.  Make sure to support Chuck D and Public Enemy by voting at!  Voting closes on March 31st and winners will be announced on April 12th at the live Awards show in New York City.

3.7.2000  Hold on for Flav's New CD
by Dean Engmann
Just a quick update on Flavor Flav's new CD.  A message from Greg J on the FlavorFlav website says "yo, just hold on for that's coming....late April/early May......stay tuned to the site...who knows when some unreleased material may pop up.....just to upset some heads at the label......"

3.7.2000 4:18 am est  Chuck D Rock Disc Planned For Summer
(from SonicNet website)
Public Enemy rapper Chuck D plans to release the debut album from his rock outfit Confrontation Camp in June or July, his manager, Walter Leaphart, said. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear will be issued through Chuck D's own Slam Jamz label, in conjunction with another, as-yet-unannounced, music company. Meanwhile, is on track to launch by the end of May. The rapper and online music activist wrote in his most recent "Terrordome" online column ( that he hopes to have digital deals with 100 artists by year's end. In addition, Chuck D's hip-hop site is now accepting hip-hop MP3 submissions from fans, with the goal of posting 3,000 songs online before 2001. "I don't care if you're screamin' in a tape recorder," the rapper wrote.

3.7.2000  Chuck D Wants Your Music!
(from Manhunt website)  words by Davey D  

Chuck D of Public Enemy has been on the move as of late. He's been dropping off post cards and getting the word out to as many independent and up and coming artists as possible about the new Digital Revolution. He's been aggressively encouraging artists to 'break the matrix' and he's offering up his latest venture as a viable tool. The post card/flyer reads as follows:

RAPSTATION wants you to get your joints posted for worldwide distribution. Upload your MP3 tracks and we'll automatically encode them to RealAudio. Got a gig coming up? Enter the details into the form and get on Rapstation's Concert Scoop. It's easy! All you need >to do is click the link below to sign up. Got questions? Check out the help section and we'll tell you all about how to do it. If you're still having problems we'll even give you one-on-one assistance. What are you waiting for? Check it out now.

Chuck goes on to explain that 'the old way is dead' and that Rapstation is looking to promote 'many independent rap labels, sites and Hip Hop artists to the new ideal for records and culture.. To get down with the program interested parties can either send their music to MP-3 Jamz c/o PO BX 310, Roosevelt, NY 11575 or 7139 Hwy 85 suite Riverdale Ga 30274....

3.7.2000  Chuck D to Release Rock Album
(from Vibe website)

Public Enemy frontman and hip hop ambassador Chuck D will release his debut album with his rock group, Confrontation Camp in June or July. The album, Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear will be released on Chuck D's Slam Jamz label in conjunction with an unannounced music company. The album will be sold on the web.

In related Chuck D news, his website,, is accepting MP3 submissions from artists to help them get worldwide distribution. plans to have 3,000 songs on the web by 2001

3.7.2000  Chuck D. Wants Music
(from Affiliate News website)

If you have any music that's lying around then you need to send it to Chuck D. It's not like he needs it or anything. He's just trying to look out for you, chief. His site,, wants to help you get worldwide distribution by uploading it via MP3, If you got a session coming up and need some PR, Chuck wants to hear about that as well.

Enter the details into the form and get on Rapstation's Concert Scoop. If we haven't made this obvious enough, you can get down at:

3.6.2000  3 pm et  The Artist Honors Self Empowerment, Chuck D Calls For An End To Brutality
(from Launch website)  by Lucy Tauss, New York
Rapper Chuck D, who presented the Artist formerly known as Prince with the male artist of the decade award on Saturday night (March 4) at the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles (LAUNCH, 3/5), took a moment before his introduction to call for an end to police violence.

"Since we're on Soul Train and still representing, let's represent stopping police brutality, all right? Stop Prop. 21, build more schools, less prisons."

Following Chuck's introduction, the Artist took the stage. The notoriously publicity-shy artist asked the cheering audience to remain standing while he read a passage that celebrated self-empowerment and freedom from contracts.

"Some people find it odd that when we win anything in this game we give praise back unto God," he said. "Well, in somebody else's game, any triumph makes us feel blessed. When it's your game, you make the rules, everything comes easy. All your friends are in key positions, so when you decide you don't want to play any more, you never leave empty-handed. Can somebody say 'golden parachute?' Well, it's not your game, you didn't make the rules, so everything comes hard. As long as you're signed to a contract, you're going to take a minority share of the winnings. A select few of us will do well. The majority will not. So, as a people, we'll be considered a minority. Let's stop. Take a moment and look at yourselves. There's nothing minor about you. You are a blessed people. You are the most talented on earth and you are still grateful. That is why upon winning in their game you always thank God. Tonight, I would like to ask one favor of you: imagine what we'll all be like in our own game."

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