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7.29.02  Public Enemy Revolverlution In Stores Now
Public Enemy Revolverlution


"Revolverlution is coming full cycle, you gotta give back to the people who make the artist" - Chuck D

"From the start of Public Enemy its' always been a mind revolution" -Professor Griff

"Yeaaah Boyeee!" - Flava Flav

"Revolverlution," PE's new CD is Bringing it to the People! The first single "Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need" is currently impacting radio around The World, featuring original members Chuck D, Flava Flav and Professor Griff.

Make sure you check out Public Enemy as they mark their 15th Anniversary with a new CD. "Revolverlution" In-Stores Worldwide now from Slam Jamz Records/Koch/In the Paint Records.

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6.24.02 9:46 am  Chuck Plays Ball
(from NME)
PUBLIC ENEMY leader CHUCK D has written a jingle for US sports broadcaster ESPN as the band confirm the tracklisting for their forthcoming eighth LP.

The jingle, which Chuck produced with one-time Bomb Squad member Gary G-Wiz, is being used to open the US cable station's Sunday night baseball show. In a report on his online record label site, Chuck says the jingle was an attempt to make "something that's in line with 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' and a little bit of the Hank Williams Jr". The rapper is a noted fan of US sports and has appeared on ESPN as a celebrity pundit, and, along with members of the Public Enemy extended family, including producer Hank Shocklee and members of Hyeanas In The Desert, is featured in an upcoming edition of ESPN's magazine.

Meanwhile, the final track listing for the album 'Revolverlution', released by and Koch/In The Paint on July 23 in the US, has been confirmed. The album includes four remixes of classic PE material created by the band's fans, who were invited to download a cappella tracks from the band's website to use in their mixes. There are also some live tracks, interludes described by Chuck as "collectibles", and ten new tracks.

Full track listing is as follows:

  • 'Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need'
  • 'Revolverlution'
  • 'Miuzi Weighs A Ton' (Live San Francisco October 21st 1999)
  • 'Put It Up'
  • 'Can A Woman Make A Man Lose His Mind?'
  • 'Pesa #1 '
  • 'Fight The Power' (Live Winterthur Switzerland 1992)
  • 'By The Time I Get To Arizona (The Moleman Mixx)'
  • 'Postconcert Arizona Interview/U2 Zoo Tour'
  • 'Son Of A Bush'
  • '54321...Boom'
  • 'Welcome To The Terrordome' (Live Winterthur Switzerland 1992)
  • 'B Side Wins Again (Scattershot Remix)'
  • 'Get Your S#It Together'
  • 'Pesa #2'
  • 'Shut Em Down (The Functionis Version)'
  • 'Now A' Daze'
  • 'Public Enemy No 1' (Jeronimo Punx Redu)'
  • 'The Making Of Burn Hollywood Burn (with Big Daddy Kane, Flavor Flav, Chuck D 1989)
  • 'Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need' (DJ Johnny Juice - Paris Revolverlutionary Mix)'
  • 6.21.02  9:35 am PT  Muddy Waters Documentary Gives Compelling & Personal Look At The Bluesman
    (from CDNow)  by Steve Holtje
    Muddy Waters: Can't Be Satisfied, a documentary movie by Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville, mixes star testimonials (the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Public Enemy's Chuck D); interviews with members of Waters' bands, family members, and his ex-girlfriends; and rollicking concert footage and archival interviews.

    The result is a compelling personal and professional examination of Muddy Waters (1913-1983) and the way he transformed the blues with its first famous electric band, whose sound sired rock and roll.

    The film grew out of Gordon's work on his book Can't be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters (Little, Brown). By offering contrasting points of view, the film emphasizes both the larger-than-life, mythical character of Waters and the gritty realities of his career. For instance, one of Richards' romanticizing stories, about the Stones recording at Chess Studios and encountering Waters painting the ceiling, is then contradicted by Marshall Chess, son of the owners of Chess Records, Waters' label for most of his career.

    Similarly, Chuck D of Public Enemy rhapsodizes about his point of entry into Waters' music, the notorious psychedelic album Electric Mud; its critical reputation (bad) and commercial/image-building effect are then discussed by producer Chess and others. Waters' womanizing, preference for younger women, and children outside his marriage are also examined from multiple angles. Gordon and Neville fit an impressive amount of background and depth into what will air as a 54-minute PBS show next February.

    Gordon and Neville, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Rose Cinema screening of the rough cut Tuesday (June 18), promised that the January release on video and DVD will include parts omitted from the television cut for time reasons. This independent production's warm but not uncritical look at Waters offers delights for neophytes and aficionados alike.

    6.14.02  Public Enemy Leading A Revolverlution With Interactive LP
    By Abbey Goodman
    New disc, due July 23, features four tracks remixed by fans.

    "When people ask me, 'Are you back in the studio?' " Chuck D said in his signature no-nonsense tone, "I'm like, what the f---? I'm always cranking out music."

    Of course, what is usually meant by the question is, "Are you back in the

    studio recording a new Public Enemy album?" And now the answer is yes.

    Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X and Professor Griff have reunited for Revolverlution (July 23), the title of which comes from the song "Crash" on 1999's There's a Poison Goin' On ...: "Got me thinking of a new thing/ Revolverlution/ Computer souls, controlled by confusion."

    The album has eight new tracks, three live numbers and four remixes. More importantly, Revolverlution, which also features DJ Lord, is being billed as the first truly interactive record.

    The group let fans remix four PE songs by posting a cappella versions online. From nearly 500 submissions a panel of judges selected remixes of "By the Time I Get to Arizona" by the Molemen of Long Island, New York; "Public Enemy No. 1" by the Jeronimo Punks of Buenos Aires, Argentina; "Shut 'Em Down" by DJ Functionist of Austria; and "B Side Wins Again" by Scattershot of Madison, Wisconsin.

    "The realm of production has flipped and changed. We have a whole different way of looking at production," said Chuck D, a longtime advocate of independent musicians and MP3 file-sharing. "[Other] people recruit producers based on convenience — 'Yo this kid up the block, he's hot.' The whole process is lazy. It's a very profitable, lazy industry logjam. People aren't doing new sh--. ... That way is so old and played out. Our whole thing is challenging that."

    Revolverlution is just the latest step in Public Enemy's 15-year mission to change how music is listened to and distributed.

    "We thought this 15th year piece should be yet another revolutionary piece, not necessarily sonically or topically, but one to make a rap cat expand their head to more possibilities for recording," Chuck said. "Since 1994 when I thought that PE had covered its first world-breaking goals, I made up in my mind that each Public Enemy record afterwards would cover uncharted territory."

    In just another example of Public Enemy breaking new ground, "Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need" is the first single off Revolverlution and was produced by Johnny "Juice" Rosado. "What he's done has created a style damn near Afro-Cuban-ish. What he's done single-handedly, he's triggered on percussive aspects that have been lost. Sounds, sonically that haven't really been dealt with."

    The video was shot over a weekend in Boston, and Public Enemy got the whole city in on it. "When you shoot a video in another city the whole city gets energized. People want to come and see a classic show. It's fun being a rock star. Sometimes there ain't nothing better," Chuck said with a laugh.

    He may be laughing, but it's true. "The Public Enemy Web site has spawned a whole existence like Trekkies," Chuck explained. They even went so far as to hold a convention for their very own Captain Kirk. People from around the world gathered at Chuck's house on Long Island.

    That he's receptive to that type of quirkiness might surprise people who perceive Chuck D as hard-nosed and humorless based on the seriousness of his speaking engagements and television appearances.

    "That's only how you think I am," Chuck said. "When I'm on camera I have four seconds to get my point across. I'm not going on there with some jokes."

    Track listing for Revolverlution, according to Public Enemy:

    • "Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need"
    • "Revolverlution"
    • "Miuzi Weighs a Ton" (live)
    • "Put It Up"
    • "Can a Woman Make a Man Lose His Mind?"
    • "Public Enemy Service Announcement #1"
    • "Fight the Power" (live)
    • "By the Time I Get to Arizona" (remix)
    • Post-concert Arizona interview
    • "Son of a Bush"
    • "Get Your Sh-- Together"
    • "Welcome to the Terrordome" (live)
    • "B Side Wins Again" (remix)
    • "54321 ... Boom"
    • "Public Enemy Service Announcement #2"
    • "Shut 'Em Down" (remix)
    • "Now A' Daze"
    • "Public Enemy No. 1" (remix)
    • The making of "Burn Hollywood Burn" (w/ Big Daddy Kane)
    • "Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need" (radio edit)

    6.13.02  Chuck D Plays Ball - Public Enemy frontman writes jingle for ESPN

    Chuck D combined his twin loves of sports and hip-hop in composing a rap-themed jingle for ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. "I know baseball, so my whole thing is to make a lot of metaphors, don't go too far over people's heads," says Chuck D of the theme that opens the program. "I just tried to make something that's in line with 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame,' and a little bit of the Hank Williams Jr. ["Are You Ready for Some Football"] thing. What he did for Monday Night Football worked well, so all we had to do was follow that lead."

    Recorded with Public Enemy associate Gary G. Wiz, the piece has already drawn praise from SNB broadcasters Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. "Joe Morgan is a hall of famer," says Chuck D. "For him to compliment me on the theme, I was blown away by it."

    In other Chuck D news, the long-awaited Public Enemy album, Revolverlution, will be released July 23rd. A combination of live and new music, the album also includes fan remixes of "Shut Em Down," "Public Enemy No. 1," "B Side Wins Again" and "By the Time I Get to Arizona," as part of a promotion which allowed fans to downloaded a capella tracks and write new music for the songs.

    According to the rapper, the a capella tracks were downloaded 11,000 times, and 450 mixes were offered by fans, from which the four winners were chosen. "My point was definitely telling people that the world has more to offer," Chuck D says. "I think the [music] industry pretty much suits itself and protects itself against the ongoing creativity of its public."

    5.8.02  3:00 pm  Public Enemy Starts A New 'Revolution'
    (from Billboard) by Todd Martens, L.A.
    Veteran rap outfit Public Enemy will release its eighth album July 23 via SlamJamz Records and Koch Entertainment's In The Paint label. Dubbed "Revolverlution," the set will be a mixture of new and live recordings, as well as fan remixes of Public Enemy favorites. According to the SlamJamz Web site, the first single will be "Give the Peeps What They Need," featuring political provocateur Paris.

    The retail release of the album will feature 15 tracks, eight of which are new songs. Production on those cuts was split between the group's Professor Griff, longtime contributor/scratcher DJ Johnny "Juice" Rosado, and Gary G. Wiz, who has worked with the band since the early '90s. There will be four remixes chosen by the band through an online contest and three live cuts--"Welcome to the Terrordome," "Fight the Power," and "Uzi Weights a Ton."

    Public Enemy's Chuck D founded SlamJamz as an online venture, and will offer an additional five tracks for download at the site. It's unclear if those who buy the album will have to purchase the extra tracks or will have access to them via a link on the CD.

    In addition to the fan remixes, "Revolverlution" features liner notes and artwork created by Public Enemy fans.

    Public Enemy's most recent set, 1999's "There's a Poison Going On," did not reach any of Billboard's charts. The group's best showing on The Billboard 200 was 1991's "Apocalypse 91 -- The Enemy Strikes Back," which hit No. 4.

    5.7.02 10:55 am PT  Public Enemy's Revolverlution Drops July 23
    CDNow) by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna
    Public Enemy's new album, Revolverlution, is due July 23 on Chuck D's own SlamJamz Records through Koch Entertainment.

    The new album –- the legendary hip-hop group's first album in three years -– will feature eight new tracks, four old Public Enemy hits that were produced by winners of a contest the group held last year, and live versions of "Welcome to the Terrordome," "Fight the Power," and "Uzi Weighs a Ton." Though, the label won't reveal the entire track listing.

    As part of the contest, Chuck D posted newly recorded vocals of "Public Enemy #1," "Shut 'Em Down," "B-Side Once Again," and "By the Time I Get to Arizona" on his Web site, for fans to download and input into their own musical creations. The winners get producer credits on the album and royalties. Likewise, the group also had a Maine-based fan create the album artwork and a U.K.-based fan write the liner notes.

    5.7.02  'Peep' at Public Enemy's Future Plans
    (from NME)
    PUBLIC ENEMY will release a new album in August, according to the band's leader CHUCK D.

    The LP, 'Revolverlution', will be released online by Chuck's Slamjamz label (>) and offline through a new partnership with Koch, the independent that has recently released new material by KRS-1 and the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA.

    The first single from the album will be 'Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need'. The track finds PE working once again with DJ Johnny "Juice" Rosado, who performed most of the scratching on their first two albums, 'Yo! Bum Rush The Show' and 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'. Rosado last appeared with the outfit on the 'He Got Game' soundtrack album in 1998. '...Peeps...' will also feature a verse from controversial Oakland rapper Paris on its remix.

    Rosado and Chuck D have also collaborated recently on a reworking of the Muddy Waters track 'Mannish Boy', for a US TV documentary to be screened in 2003. The pair recorded the late bluesman's song with a band comprising the musicians who backed Waters on the original, augmented with human beatbox Rahzel, Roots drummer Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson, and vocals by rapper Common and singer Kyle Jason, a member with Chuck of PE side-project Hyenas In The Desert.

    3.20.02  Now You Can Feed Your Hip-Hop Soul With 'Chicken Soup'
    (from Sonicnet)
    by Abbey Goodman
    'Chicken Soup for the Hip-Hop Soul' book being compiled.

    You're probably already familiar with the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, the self-help/inspiration books that "open the heart and rekindle the spirit." But what you may not know is that a new installment for the series is in the works: the warm and fuzzy "Chicken Soup for the Hip-Hop Soul."

    Stories will be culled from writers' submissions and interviews with well-known hip-hop figures. The interviews will be conducted by Bay Area hip-hop insiders and co-authors Adisa Banjoko, rapper and producer Kool Kyle and mixtape DJ Vlad. On board so far are Chuck D, Harry Allen, Mystic, DJ QBert, Rob Swift from the X-ecutioners, poet/playwright Will Power, Afu-Ra, MTV's own Sway and Mohammed Bilal from "The Real World" San Francisco.

    But the book won't only profile stars. The authors want to document many people's experiences with and relationship to hip-hop music and culture.

    "This book will serve as an outlet for DJs, rappers, graffiti-writers and dancers to share their experiences in hop-hop," Kool Kyle said. "In its short time, this art form has given people a ton of opportunities and positive rewards. Some economic, others spiritual."

    "Chicken Soup for the Hip-Hop Soul" will consist of 101 stories designed to give readers that wisdom and comfort they have come to expect from such other titles as "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul," "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul" and "Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul."

    "Chicken Soup for the Hip-Hop Soul" is currently looking for submissions from writers from around the world. Visit for more details.

    3.19.02  The Enemy goes to Scotland...
    BBC Radio1)

    Public Enemy's Chuck D will be presenting a series of lectures at the second Scottish Triptych Festival.

    The event takes place at three venues - Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, from April 26 to 28.

    Amongst the many other acts performing will be Gilles Peterson, Ritchie Hawtin, Luke Slater, Arab Strap, Peanut Butter Wolf, Madib, Teenage Fanclub, Jerry Dammers, Evan Dando Derrick May and Mathew Herbert.

    Full details and tickets are available at

    11.16.01  Public Enemy Meet the Public
    RollingStone)  by Colin Devenish

    Fans remix four tracks for new album

    Public Enemy will release a new album, which will feature four of the group's past hits remixed by fans, in late February. This summer, through frontman Chuck D's own, P.E. offered fans a chance to download a capella versions of "Shut Em Down," "Public Enemy No. 1," "B Side Wins Again," and "By the Time I Get to Arizona," and write new music for the tracks. Those whose submissions were chosen will be given co-songwriting credit and royalties.

    "It's been tremendous," says P.E. frontman Chuck D of the number of entries. "We had the a capellas downloaded 11,000 times and had 450 remixes done. Our virtual staff of thirty people have combed through the 450 mixes and picked the winners for each of the four songs. My point was definitely telling people that the world has more to offer. I think the industry pretty much suits itself and protects itself against the ongoing creativity of its public."

    The winners are Owen Lake and Ross Farwell of Madison, Wisconsin, for "B Side Wins Again"; Jeronimo Punx of Buenos Aires, Argentina; for "Public Enemy No. 1"; Functionist of Austria for "Shut Em Down"; and Moleman Saphone from Long Island, New York, for "By the Time I Get to Arizona."

    "The one that came from Madison, I couldn't even describe it," Chuck D says, "which was part of the attraction of that winning. If a song could have a D-side, that would be it. Functionist came up with a twisted, musical, but eerie groove. The Jeronimo Punx track is very well put together. I think they spent every second of their life on it."

    Also slated for inclusion on the album is "Get Your Shit Together," a track written in response to government activity in the weeks following the terrorist attacks of September 11th. "It's a reminder to watch your P's and Q's and to not fall into the hype machine," says Chuck D.

    He plans to release more a capella tracks for fans to remix in December.

    (from NME)
    PUBLIC ENEMY's CHUCK D and PROFESSOR GRIFF have launched an attack on the music industry, recording a song together called 'HYPOCRITES' for GRIFF's forthcoming solo album.

    'And The Word Becomes Flesh', his fifth solo outing, is released in September through The Right Stuff/EMI and will combine three new tracks with reworked and re-recorded versions of his earlier solo material and Public Enemy songs.

    The 24-track album, described as "political soul" by Griff, will be a "more formal, spoken word affair" than his previous albums a spokesperson said.

    According to, 'Hypocrites' features Chuck D rapping over a loop sampled from the Al Green documentary 'The Gospel According To Al Green'.

    The documentary shows Green, who became a Pentecostal preacher in 1977, in concert and performing a musical sermon.

    The Last Poets' Umar Bin Hassan, also makes an appearance, guesting on the track 'European In Me'.

    Griff is planning a spoken-word tour titled 'Sounds Of Truth' in the autumn to support the album.

    In other news Public Enemy - who are currently giving fans the chance to revamp and remix tracks from their back catalogue and upload them on their official site - are to record a new album in the autumn, which will be released and promoted through Chuck D's online label Anyone whose submitted remix track is included will receive a credit on the album.

    7.16.01  Know Your Enemy!
    PUBLIC ENEMY are to giving fans the opportunity to become a producer on their forthcoming album.

    Public Enemy founder Chuck D has posted a series of vocals on his label website, and is asking fans to download the vocal, add music, before posting the song back online.

    The best tracks, which the band hope will incorporate all musical styles, will be used on a forthcoming release from Public Enemy - as well as receiving $1,000 in prize money.

    Public Enemy plan to post one new set of vocals on the website every week, with the winners announced in September.

    8.7.01 I'd Go To Coffee with Chuck D
    by Dean Engmann
    The next time you're watching the tube, and you hear one of those Buddy Lee commercials come on, pay attention!  Chuck D has a small cameo where he's drinking coffee.  I personally think it's shows respect for Chuck, as well as the fact that Buddy Lee rhymes with Chuck D, so it works out well...Here's a picture...and if you're not a big TV watcher (like me) can check out the Lee Dungarees website,
    then click on the Theatre Starring Buddy Lee at the right side of the page, then Buddy Lee on Screen, and then "Street" and then your dialup speed.  You'll need Quicktime installed in order to see the video..

    7.12.01 9:05:36 am  PE Is Back..Fans Get to Work on New Album
    (from Davey D's website) by Davey D

    Talk about groundbreaking.. One of Hip Hop's seminal groups Public Enemy is continuing on the path of englightment, entertainment and empowerment. Yesterday they have announced the release of a new album, due out this fall on Chuck D's own record label. Longtime proponents of artists rights and of working outside the conventional record company system, Chuck D and the legendary rap group will self-release the as-yet-untitled album in order to retain creative and marketing control, and ownership of their master tapes. Public Enemy will coordinate all marketing, publicity and radio promotion of the new album, and are currently evaluating offers from a number of distribution companies to handle the retailing.

    According to Chuck's press release... This marks the first time the public is able to participate in the making of an album with a major artist . On July 12, Public Enemy will begin posting the vocals to several of their most popular tracks on the new website,, allowing literally any user to download it for use. Each week for a month, a different track will be posted, including 'Public Enemy #1,' 'By The Time I Get To Arizona,' and 'Shut 'Em Down,' all recently re-recorded exclusively for website. This will be a great opportunity. I know for myself, I have long bothered Chuck and asked him to release an album containing the group's acapellas. Looks like they have taken this a full step further.  The group asks that any and all aspiring and professional musicians, remixers and producers record their own music for the tracks, download the vocals onto the new music, and upload it back onto the site. Chuck D will then cull through the entries, and select several to include on the new album. 'We want to hear everything from electronica to metal, slack-key to Brazilian jazz, even bluegrass and country,' he said. The winning tracks will be featured on the new album, with winners retaining co-ownership rights and earning royalties from the sale of each copy.

    In addition, Public Enemy will enter the studio for the first time since the 1999 release of There's A Poison Goin' On', to record new tracks for the album. There's A Poison Goin' On was met with controversy and acclaim, as Public Enemy became the first major group to release an MP3 downloadable album on the Internet first, before it was available in conventional record stores. In protest, traditional retail outlets refused to stock the record, but eventually changed their policies to conform to the growing presence of music on the Internet.

    Prior to the album's release, the band will issue (in partnership with Creamwerks Multimedia and HOB Digital) a live concert DVD, shot at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA. The band are also planning an international tour later in the year.

    Chuck D Launches Online Record Label

    Earlier today Chuck D launched his revolutionary online record label,, in an ongoing effort to give up and coming artists an avenue to market their music to the public. In a statement posted at the website Chuck welcomes all "to the landing of records, an MP3 label focusing primarily on singles."

    He likens the label to the labels of yesterday, "This was an idea I've had for more than 5 years, something that would be a reminder of how record companies used to be. The Motowns, STAX, Atlantic, Chess, SUN, and even the early rap labels Enjoy, Profile, Tommy Boy and yes Sugarhill, labels who rode on the spontenaety of cutting sounds, on what was happening right then on the street, and gettin it back out on it."

    As a part of the launch Chuck D and Public Enemy are offering up and coming music producers the opportunity to be involved, musically, on the next Public Enemy album. Each week for the next four weeks a classic Public Enemy song, featuring all new vocals from Chuck D, Flavor Flav and Professor Griff will be available at the site for download. Perspective PE producers will create music for the featured acappellas and upload back to to be considered by Chuck D and Public Enemy for a spot on their next album. Chuck's intention is to be totally interactive with his fans and the record buying public.

    Once again on the cutting edge of music and technology SlamJamz utilizes a revolutionary method of delivering artists music to the public, while insuring artist get paid directly for their songs. "The system we're proposing is driven by a growing community, involving community and shares in artists. We don't sign artists we sign masters, as well as license them."

    Be sure to stop in and check out the new online, interactive record label at Another Chuck D Operation...

    6.13.01 2:32 am et  Hip-Hop Summit probes rap's potential
    (from Yahoo Daily News) By Justin Oppelaar
    NEW YORK (Variety) - Hip-hop music and culture, which have already proved a force for generating profits, ought now to evolve into a power for the betterment of the community it depicts, argued a group of academics, artists and social leaders gathered Tuesday for the Hip-Hop Summit.

    The summit, organized by Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, runs through Wednesday and includes discussions and speeches on hip-hop's role in the music industry, politics, youth culture and social responsibility, as well as the potential political and social power wielded by hip-hop culture.

    ``The political moment for the hip-hop generation has arrived,'' said Manning Marable, director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University. ``We must find a new language of resistance.''

    Tuesday's participants included U.S. Rep. Cynthia Hilliard (D-Ga.), former National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People head Benjamin Mohammed, Recording Industry Assn. of America chief Hilary Rosen and rapper-activist Chuck D.

    In front of a room packed with media, hip-hop artists and spectators, Chuck D accused the major conglomerates in the entertainment industry of quelling new artist development and grass-roots entrepreneurship in hip-hop music.

    ``The corporations are all in collusion with one another and it's a damn shame,'' said Chuck D, a co-founder of the politically charged rap group Public Enemy.

    The media industry also bears some responsibility for pigeonholing African-American culture based on the narrow stereotypes of materialism and misogyny portrayed by a few mega-selling rap artists, author and NYU professor Tricia Rose added.

    Since that minimization of hip-hop culture comes from ceding control to companies looking for a profit, she noted that ``we have to find a space to define our culture that's outside the market.''

    But Jeff Johnson, current head of the NAACP's youth division, also offered a mea culpa on behalf of his organization, noting that the leaders who are supposed to represent the hip-hop generation have lately been more apt to talk about problems than act to solve them.

    ``The NAACP has been absent,'' he said. ``We accept the fact that we're going to do more than we've been doing.''

    Other leaders observed that hip-hop artists themselves bear a hefty responsibility to lead by example.

    Harvard U. professor Cornel West stressed the importance of music as both a reflection of and an agent for change in society, citing historical examples ranging from Miles Davis to Marvin Gaye. Hip-hop, despite its flaws, is capable of carrying on that legacy, he added.

    ``I'm like the blues,'' West said. ``I'm not optimistic, but I'm full of hope.''

    6.12.01  P. Diddy, Luther Campbell On Hand As Rap Summit Begins
    (from VH1 website) by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway
    NEW YORK — Hip-hop artists, record executives, politicians and journalists debated marketing strategies, discussed civil rights and aired some beefs in a series of largely private meetings Tuesday, the first day of Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit.

    P. Diddy, Scarface, Talib Kweli, Jermaine Dupri, Luther "Luke" Campbell and the Wu-Tang Clan's U-God were among the artists who showed up at the New York Hilton for the summit, and much more firepower is expected Wednesday, when Eminem, Jay-Z, Will Smith and Queen Latifah are on the guest list and the Rev. Louis Farrakhan is scheduled to give the keynote speech.

    But one artist was already bemoaning the turnout.

    "One thing that's not too good is that you don't see too many artists," said Campbell, who was at the center of a rap lyrics controversy in the late 1980s with the 2 Live Crew. "You've got a lot of executives. It needs to be a little bit more artists because we are the ones that's actually responsible."

    The day's biggest panel discussed hip-hop's empowerment and lack thereof in government. Chuck D and Talib were joined by political figures that included activist Martin Luther King III and Reps. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, Bennie Thompson of Mississippi and Earl Hilliard of Alabama.

    Among the topics broached were payola, lack of education in the black community and, of course, the effect rap music has on young people. King said there is a desperate need to bridge the gap between the hip-hop generation and the older political figures.

    "In 2001 you've got to find a way to communicate with young brothers and sisters or you'll find yourself unnecessary," he said.

    "I think that it was a good thing ... that [Congress] is involved," Campbell said. "Cats need to get involved, link up and decide on how they gonna deal with all these bills that's out there, trying to shut hip-hop down."

    Campbell said he experienced déja vu last week when the FCC fined a Colorado radio station for playing an edited version of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady."

    "One thing about the panel I learned is how so many black executives did not know where the labeling came from, how many cats that really didn't know what was going on as far as censorship in the hip-hop game," Luke said after the panel. "I always thought I was going through that struggle 12 years ago by myself, and that just confirmed that. Nobody had any idea — it's reteaching and rethinking all over."

    A new way of thinking is something Chuck D hopes the summit can get across to radio program directors, he said, because right now they don't play a wide enough variety of hip-hop.

    "Music has more to offer," Chuck lamented after his panel. "Every story has to have their fair chance to be told. When it comes to our community, bad news is the only news that's told. Hip-hop sometimes follows that trend, [but] we can break it now."

    As the day progressed, hip-hoppers and their CEO bosses — including Violator's Chris Lighty and Def Jam's Lyor Cohen — started to filter in and politick. P. Diddy, however, was in no mood to rub elbows. Bad Boy's CEO slid in unnoticed through a back entrance and attended a closed-door meeting for label A&Rs focusing on their artists' content.

    The day started with a private meeting among label representatives to discuss marketing strategies, with RIAA president Hilary Rosen among those who spoke. A youth roundtable and a meeting about media responsibility followed, and Reverend Farrakhan also privately talked to some MCs. The Nation of Islam leader, who'll be on hand Wednesday as well, has been trying to help feuding rappers come to a peaceful resolution.

    6.12.01  Sevendust, Lit, Chuck D Salute Twisted Sister
    (from VH1 website) by Robert Mancini
    A little rouge goes a long way.

    Lit, Motörhead, Sevendust, Joan Jett, Anthrax and Chuck D are among the acts lined up to salute Twisted Sister on Twisted Forever, a 16-track tribute to the '80s glam metal icons due in August.

    Joan Jett has recorded the band's signature hit "We're Not Gonna Take It," while Lit (who landed Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider for their "Zip-Lock" video) will offer a version of "I Wanna Rock."

    Motörhead, Sevendust, Anthrax and Chuck D dig deeper into the band's catalog, pitching in renditions of "Shoot 'Em Down," "I Am (I'm Me)," "Destroyer" and "Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)," respectively.

    Sebastian Bach, Fu Manchu, Nashville Pussy, Nine Days, Overkill, Cradle of Filth, Vision of Disorder, the Step Kings and Hammerfall also step into the band's color-coded boots for the album.

    Twisted Sister themselves even get in on the act, offering a cover of AC/DC's "Sin City," a favorite during the band's early rehearsals.

    The project has been in the works for years, and at one point, Slipknot, Kittie and Type O Negative were also talked about for the album (see "Lit, Slipknot, Others May Tribute Twisted Sister"). However, those acts will not appear when the album arrives on August 14.

    Twisted Forever tracklist:
    Lit - "I Wanna Rock"
    Joan Jett - "We're Not Gonna Take It"
    Motörhead - "Shoot 'Em Down"
    Nashville Pussy - "The Kids Are Back"
    Nine Days - "The Price"
    Chuck D - "Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)"
    Anthrax - "Destroyer"
    Overkill - "Under the Blade"
    Cradle of Filth - "The Fire Still Burns"
    Vision of Disorder - "Don't Let Me Down"
    The Step Kings - "Burn in Hell"
    Fu Manchu - "Ride to Live, Live to Ride"
    Sebastian Bach - "You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll"
    Hammerfall - "We're Gonna Make It"
    Sevendust - "I Am (I'm Me)"
    Twisted Sister - "Sin City"

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