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Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums

Public Enemy, in my opinion, is the greatest band of all time - that is - of ANY music genre.   I have been a fan of the group for about 19 years now.  I feel there isn't enough PE information on the web, and I really can't understand why.  So, therefore, I have created this site.  Thanks to the official Public Enemy website, I can stay up with the latest information on the group to keep it current.  So, go ahead and enjoy it - and if you have any suggestions on how I can make this site better, let me know!  I'll be glad to listen to any suggestions...

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- Public Enemy in the news.  This isn't the New York Post, although with all the articles on PE lately, I wonder if the authors of some of them ever listened to PE or ever followed the group...
-last updated 11.2.04

- So, you haven't stayed current with Public Enemy lately?  Here's your chance to catch up on the old news!

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- I can no longer say I didn't get to interview them.  I did!  I got to interview Chuck D!  You can read my interview with Chuck and find some other interesting interviews of the band here.
-last updated 6.17.01

Current - Jul 99 to Sep 00 - Jun 99 to Jul 99 - Older Interviews - Chat Sessions

- The Shutemdown Message Board.  Post your intelligent, thought-provoking messages here...
-new board as of 7.6.04

- You asked for it.  You wanna know how I got involved with PE?  Here it is.  I'm gonna try to keep this section updated....
-last updated 2.13.00

- There's finally an
album review for every released full PE album.
-last updated 6.16.01

- Contains some interesting and rarely known facts about the band.  Lots of information for this section came from the book Fight the Power: Rap, Race, and Reality by Chuck D. 
-last updated

- Check out a picture of Chuck D's autograph on my very own "There's a Poison Goin On" CDs.

- Here's some fun Public Enemy Hotbars for Internet Explorer, PE trading cards, and pictures of other PE CDs, tapes, and videos.
-last updated 2.13.00

- The unreleased CD.  Get it in MP3 format here!  This section also contains a lot of other hard to find PE / Chuck D songs, including live albums!
-last updated 5.9.05

- Looking for video?  Did you miss Public Enemy on your TV?  Check out this page and watch 'em again, or see 'em for the first time!
-last updated 5.9.05

- The current poll is: What is your favorite rare or unreleased Public Enemy/Chuck D song?  Results from the previous polls are posted.  There's also a Public Enemy quiz on this page - Test your knowledge of the group here!
-last updated 8.20.00

There's not a ton of other Public Enemy sites out there, but I've listed all that I could find.  Let me know if you know of others...
-last updated 4.4.03




Read the latest Terrordome from Chuck D

Read Chuck D's latest Terrordome @ Public!! - - - -


Chuck D Autograph



Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums